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Pioneers Athletics

Pioneer High School


Pioneers Athletics

Pioneer High School

Pioneers Athletics

Pioneer High School

Pioneers Athletics

Pioneer High School


Athletic Department Scholarships


Robert B. Westfall Memorial Award

$20,000.00 total scholarship to be awarded each year to one or more graduating senior(s), who has shown outstanding athletic ability and leadership qualities for his/her school.

Criteria for Award: Must show a need for financial assistance to begin his or her first year of education at a four-year college or university of his or her choice. He or she must have shown outstanding athletic ability and leadership qualities for his or her school. Student must have demonstrated good citizenship while in high school. The student must have participated in extracurricular school activities that may include clubs, athletic competition, and other activities at Pioneer High School. This is not an athletic scholarship and applicants do not have to play varsity athletics at the college or university that he/she will attend.  While it is not necessary, a preference will be given to students who plan to attend the University of Michigan.

To Apply:  Return this application to the Pioneer Athletic Office:   Robert Westfall Application

Selection Process: Recipient(s) will be chosen by the Athletic Director and Westfall family representatives.

Deadline To Apply:  May 1


Bob Ufer Memorial Scholarship Fund

1 - $10,000 scholarship is awarded annually.

Criteria for Award:     Must be attending the University of Michigan, excelled in some academic regard and participated in athletics at Pioneer.  This is not an athletic scholarship and applicants do not have to play varsity athletics at Michigan.  Full scholarship athletes are ineligible for this award.

Please note: If the student plans on competing at Michigan, he/she needs to check with the Compliance Office at Michigan regarding this scholarship as this is may be considered an athletic scholarship by the university and may conflict with team limits.

Selection Process:  Recipient will be chosen by the athletic director and approved by the Ufer family.

Deadline To Apply:  April 15



AAACF Application

Richard Weldon Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Established by Susan Pearlman in memory of her father Richard Weldon.

Criteria for Award:  A graduating senior from Pioneer who has earned a varsity letter and has been employed for 12 consecutive months while attending high school.  The primary use of this need based award will be in support of tuition and / or books.

Bryan J Westfield Scholarship

$1500 grant.  Although the award is merit based, other factors such as financial need and applicants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds may be taken into consideration, but are not criteria for receipt of the award.

Criteria for Award:  A graduating senior who participated in women’s track & field/cross country at Pioneer High School and earned a varsity letter in one of those sports.  You must meet athletic eligibility requirements at the time of graduation and be attending an institution of higher education in the fall.  Applicants must disclose if they are receiving any athletic scholarships or have applied for other scholarships.  This scholarship can only be used for books and tuition

Apply Here: Westfield Scholarship Nomination Form

Nathan Lyndell Hall Memorial Scholarship

Three $500 awards.  Established in 2003 by his parents in memory of Nathan Hall, who died suddenly just days after his graduation from Community High School.  This fund benefits student athletes at Pioneer and Community High Schools and student-alumni of the Ypsilanti Junior Football and Cheerleading program.

Criteria for Award:  A graduate of Pioneer with four consecutive years of participation in one high school sport OR a graduate from Community OR a graduate and an alumni of Ypsilanti Junior Football and Cheerleading (YCJAA) with four consecutive years of participation in one high school sport and two years of participation in YCJAA AND is accepted to a two-year or four-year college or university to pursue a degree.  Minimum GPA 3.2, two years of community service involvement during high school



AAPS Scholarships Application

Robert E. Lewis Memorial Scholarship

1 award of $1000

The grant was established in memory of Robert E. Lewis, Jr., a member of the 1956 graduating class, by his classmates and family.  Robert was an outstanding scholar, student leader, and athlete while in school.  On February 5, 1961, Robert drowned in the Pacific Ocean in an effort to save another soldier.

Kacee Cronk Scholarship - This scholarship will not be awarded in 2024

1 award of $1000. 

This award was established by the family of Kacee Cronk to honor her love of life.  Kacee was a gymnast and scholar at Pioneer who died shortly after her graduation in 1989, in a car accident.  She was self-motivated and ambitious, and always looked to the future with hope and excitement.

Criteria for Award:  A senior woman with a GPA of 2.5 or better who displays the dedication to succeed in academic and athletic endeavor that was evident in the life of Kacee Cronk.



Ray Pittman Outstanding Senior Athlete Award

Beginning in 1977, the Ann Arbor Booster Club began selecting a young man and woman as the outstanding senior athletes of the year.  It was most fitting that these awards be named after long time Pioneer supporter Ray Pittman.? An award will be presented to each individual and their names will be recorded on a plaque that will become part of the permanent record of Pioneer athletic history.  Full scholarship athletes cannot receive monetary funding from this award.

Criteria for Award: A varsity letter winner; good sportsmanship; support of the total athletic program; cooperation with coaches and fellow team members; good citizenship in school and community; meeting his or her scholastic ability; member of the graduating class in good standing.

To Apply:  Athletes are nominated by the coach of his / her sport

Selection Process: Recipients will be chosen by the Athletic Department



A $1000 scholarship is given annually from athletes nominated statewide.

Criteria for Award: A maximum of six male and six female students are selected by the athletic department and counseling staff.  Must have earned a varsity letter and have a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Selection Process:  Recipients will be chosen by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.