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3 months ago by Jane Nixon

PFH News & Important Dates


To sign-up for notifications of last minute schedule changes and scores follow the instructions listed under the VARSiTY NEWS LINK

Admission to games is $5 per person. Consider purchasing a season pass from the Pioneer Athletic Department in order to obtain admission to the games for you and your family members.  Senior citizens can obtain a season pass for free from the Athletic Department office by showing ID verifying their age.  Finally, those who volunteer to run the clock or take photos as an official team photographer obtain free admission for the games during which they volunteer.

All PFH incoming freshman and returning players, mark your calendars for the Summer Session Trainings:  Pioneer Main Street Field, Mondays and Wednesdays  (Week - off July 1 & 3) 9-11am, starting June 17.  Athletes, click on the PFH Summer Training Packet  to download, if you did not already receive one. 


Summer Session Trainings begin June 17 (see details above under News Items) 

Team Camp at Ohio State:  July 18-20 (see Team Camp link for more details). 

Season Start Date:  August 12

PFH Fundraising Carwash:  August 17  -- parents sign-up to volunteer.

Once the season starts, visit this page to continue to learn about important dates, deadlines, opportunities, and obligations.  To learn specific details regarding JV Purple or JV White teams, visit the JV Purple Team Pages or the JV White Team Pages.

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