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2019 PFH Camp Information

Place: Ohio State University Elite Camp 

Dates:  July 18-20

BUS DEPARTURE:  Because of Art Fair, we are using the Seventh Street side for the bus departure and return. Please arrive to Pioneer by 8:15AM on Thursday, July 18. The bus will be there starting at 8:15, and we intend to leave at 8:45 sharp. Do not be late! Do not leave cars in the parking lot or in the bus lane!

FORMS: Please be sure to bring the printed, signed Parental Consent, Waiver, and Release form and the Concussion Information form, both available in a recent email from Buckeye Camps. (A few people may have submitted these as part of the registration process; if so, please bring printed confirmation of having submitted them already.) You will not be allowed on the bus until you have provided these forms to us. 

ALLERGIES: If you have an allergy that would impact other players’ food choices on the bus or at camp, please email us right away to let us know. 

 MEDICATIONS: Please see the section on “Medications/Medical” in the email from Buckeye Camps. If any of this applies to you, please make sure you communicate with the camp and with us as needed.


EMERGENCIES: We have emergency contact info for most people -- thank you. Betsy will be emailing the folks who haven’t yet provided an emergency contact cell number. You will not be allowed on the bus until we have an emergency number for you. 

TO REACH YOUR DAUGHTER: Allison Kreske (734-649-1611) and Betsy Davis (734-717-8292) will be accompanying the girls at camp. Should you need to contact us with anything or to personally reach your camper, please don't hesitate to contact us.

FOOD: Please pack a healthy lunch for the bus ride down to Columbus. Please bring ample healthy snacks for the three days of camp plus the bus rides. Please bring $20 to cover the purchase of a meal on the way home. Parents: Please make sure your daughter has appropriate food for the three days, as we will not be providing snacks. 

MONEY FOR INCIDENTALS: There shouldn’t be too much in the way of expenses, but you may want to bring around $10-20 extra (besides money for dinner Saturday) for incidentals.

 WHAT TO BRING: See the email from Buckeye Camps for a packing list. We did learn that the dorms are air conditioned. 

BUS RETURN: Camp ends at 3:30. We’ll stop for a quick meal on the way home. We plan to return around 7 or 8PM on Saturday, July 20. We will ask the girls to text parents/families when we’re about half an hour from Pioneer. 

Parents and players can contact any captain or captain parent with any questions. Remember -- girls: YOU are responsible to make sure you are ready. Please communicate with the people who are making this experience possible for you to make sure you are all ready to go.


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